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The impotence of political opposition and media in the UK

Here are three more excerpts:

Because of Johnson’s incompetence, inhumanity, laziness and hubris, and the entirely avoidable, disastrous decisions made by his team, tens of thousands of people suffered premature and avoidable deaths…


“Firmly and calmly,” gushed one Telegraph editor who later became a government speechwriter, “the UK is leading Europe in the fight against the coronavirus.” This was “Boris Johnson’s Churchill moment”, cooed the Financial Times.


… the Labour leadership declared it would work “constructively” with the government and not be “opposition for opposition’s sake”, even praising aspects of the official response as “an amazing piece of work” a month into lockdown.

Owen Jones’ short article confronts the realities of our political system. It’s a valuable read, but it offers no solutions.

In fact, to my huge distress, I’ve read nothing, anywhere else, that even hints at a feasible strategy to halt the UK’s relentless slide towards autocracy.