A new Kirby theme that’s specially designed for personal blogs, and independent publishing

… But, is it a good idea?

I’ve had a suggestion from a reader, asking me to make this blog’s design available as a theme for Kirby CMS.

But, is my website ‘professional’ enough? … Do I have the skills, or motivation, to publish it? … Are my Markdown hacks too complicated? … Would ‘indie bloggers’ be interested?

To explore this idea, I’ve drafted these experimental graphics below, using my blog’s Markdown styling, a few quotations selected from around the site, and the brill. blog domain I registered eight(!) years ago…

I’d love to get your feedback on my blog’s design, and its viability as a theme for personal bloggers, and ‘indie’ publishers.

I’m still undecided — so please let me know what you think…

And, thanks for reading!