now blogging

April 2024

It’s nearly two years since I last posted here…

Instead of the irregular ‘flare-ups’ I’ve had ever since I was a teenager, now my illness seems to control everything I do.

Because, whenever I begin any mildly energetic activity — within a few minutes, my body rebels with pain and nausea, forcing me to stop, and rest.

Suddenly, I’m faced with the loss of so many things I’ve enjoyed throughout my life. Woodworking, fixing my bike, DIY, cycling, exploring the Hebrides, to name but a few.

But, I’m grateful for all these hobbies and distractions, and my many happy memories. Gradually I’m coming to terms with being ill, and getting old.

Writing things down might help, whether I publish them here, or not.

A bright full moon, from our front door, yesterday night