Is this a personal blog, or a personal website?

Instead of writing long overdue posts for my new blog, as I’d promised myself, I’ve spent these last few weeks, once again, struggling with design and coding.

Much of this time has been lost to horrible self-doubt and procrastination — adding new features, writing new code, editing posts — and then reverting everything back to their originals again.

But, I’ve added a new archive section, called topics — a visual display of blog posts that, I hope, will tell its own story — to extend the life of these individual posts beyond their original publication dates.

I’ve also created a topic called lists — for blogrolls and other personal favourites, that could include almost anything I want to share on the web.

By adding these two new sections, I’m starting to feel that this web space has become more like a personal website than a personal blog. Not just an ever-changing timeline of articles and observations, but also a lasting record of my ideas, my hobbies, and my favourites things.

This has revealed a subconscious goal — that I was only partly aware of when I started — to create a sort of record of ‘me’.

It has also exposed a paradox: I’m still reluctant to share this ‘me’ with other people.

I’ve realised that creating this website has become much more important to me than actually publishing it!