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How I made my blog posts more responsive (and why I think it matters)

Responsive web design is an almost universal feature of modern websites, in which page layouts are changed automatically for different devices and screen sizes.

This is not just to make them look better, but (hopefully) also to make them more effective at communicating. Read in 2 minutes…

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Why am I blogging?

After months of false starts and roadblocks — learning, designing, and coding, all at the same time — so far I’ve only built this basic blog

In spite of all these frustrations, I’ve really enjoyed the creative and craft aspects of building my own website.

It’s a lot like woodworking. A chance to make something that’s completely personal, but also well crafted and engineered. Making something out of pixels instead of wood. Read in 1 minute…

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Why I prefer creating content with Markdown in Kirby CMS

Although Kirby now has a powerful new Text Editor plugin, one of the main reasons I chose Kirby in the first place was because of the simplicity and flexibility of its Markdown editor. Read in 2 minutes…

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Why I left Craft CMS for Kirby

My only previous coding experience has been using the Twig template language to build two small websites in Craft CMS.

Craft’s fantastic Matrix field makes it easy to inject almost any kind of marked-up content into its entry panel. And Matrix blocks can be custom built from a huge choice of Matrix fields to create both simple and complex layouts.

But for me, Matrix’s complicated UI was too distracting when writing and editing even simple blog posts

My writing seemed to lose all its sense of continuity whenever blocks of text were interrupted by larger Matrix blocks. Read in 1 minute…

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Picasso’s ceramics

A photo that evokes many happy memories of cycle touring on Mallorca

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The joy of cycle touring

I discovered cycling, and cycle touring, late in life — and it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done

I started to write this post in February 2020 — in another era — when the spectre of coronavirus was still just an ominous black speck on the horizon. My original intention was to celebrate the wonderful times my wife and I have had cycle touring in Europe. But now there’s some sadness in looking back. M and I are both in a ‘vulnerable’ coronavirus group, and we have no idea when, or whether, we will cycle tour again. Read in 3 minutes…

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How to make this bright, multi-purpose, plywood drawer unit

Design details, dimensions, and construction notes — for one of my favourite projects

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My first Macintosh computer

I must have been one of the first Mac users in the UK

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A sample post with everything in it

Tons of layout and styling options — all set with standard Markdown and one image ‘KirbyTag’